Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Proposal to boost income residents Kulwaru with dirt Cattle

Most of the villagers Kulwaru Wetan , Kulon Progo raise cattle . Thus , cow dung produced was abundant and thrown away . Though the waste can be converted into useful organic fertilizer to nourish plants even bring in additional revenue .

Together with students from the University of Gadjah Mada ( UGM) in Yogyakarta incorporated in the International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences , Local Committee ( LC IAAS ) UGM , Kulwaru villagers utilize and transform the cow dung to beneficial for organic agricultural products .

Rahardjo Trisnanto agricultural practitioners who accompanied IAAS LC UGM reveal , organic compost made ​​because of the abundance of cow manure in the village Kulwaru Wetan , Kulon Progo . With the abundance of such waste , the public is expected to be able to take advantage of that village Kulwaru towards organic farming village .
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" The number of cow dung is naturally abundant can be used to support organic farming . We invite residents and strives to integrate all activities by utilizing agricultural waste for cattle feed plants and vice versa , " said Trisnanto , as quoted from page UGM , Wednesday ( 16 / 4/2014 ) .

In these activities , IAAS LC UGM held counseling and hands- organic fertilizer utilize cow manure waste . In addition , villagers Kulwaru Wetan got the knowledge and practice direct way of making organic liquid fertilizer from cow urine .

" Prices are expensive liquid fertilizer into the background of the idea to create their own liquid organic fertilizer in order to meet the needs of farmers in Kulwaru . Fact IAAS LC UGM with Kulwaru villagers plan to create a program for the marketing of organic compost and liquid organic fertilizer to the market , " he explained .

Liquid Organic Fertilizer Production Activity Village Community Kulwaru with IAAS LC UGM begins by practicing direct liquid organic fertilizer . The combined fertilizer of cow urine , galangal , turmeric , ireng , ginger , kencur , brotowali , molasses , and bacteria Saccharomyces cerevisiae .

Once through the process of fermentation for two weeks , then the organic compost ready to be used for village communities Kulwaru Wetan . These activities also received a positive response from the village head Kulwaru , Imam Hudoyono .

" Making organic fertilizer between GMU students and villagers Kulwaru prove cooperation with the world of education can be applied directly in the community by creating quality organic fertilizer products , " said Imam .

Meanwhile, the Local Committee Director of IAAS LC UGM Travelia Febrin hope , composting of organic waste processed cow manure can be utilized farming community , especially residents Kulwaru Wetan , Kulon Progo . So the future Village Kulwaru could be one of the pilot organic farm in the gudeg City .

" Making fertilizer is expected not only for a moment , but so as to make the village sustainable Kulwaru organic farming as a pilot village in Yogyakarta , " said Travelia .


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