Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Inspiration Yamaha Young London Netprenuer Degree Online Competition

London prepared childbirth education Netprenuer reliable than the results given Yamaha . Competition Champion Netprenuer way done at this time as stock Yamaha Netprenuer spawn .

Bandung city so 3rd convening the workshop roadshow Yamaha Champions Netprenuer after Jakarta and Medan . After that go to Yogyakarta (April 10 ) , Surabaya (16 April) and Bali (26 April) . In Bandung Digital Valley Startup Incubator , ( March 26 ) , 100 Flower City fully stocked workshop participants seemed enthusiastic to join the event .
At the Yamaha Champions Workshop in Bandung netpreneur this time the participants who are mostly business people who want to develop their business through the Internet , enthusiastically followed the whole event took place . They were equipped with knowledge about internet marketing that has been delivered at the workshop and is hoping to undergo total in the competition held Netprenuer Yamaha and iPaymu this time .

" Events like this should be held more often and really helped me who really want to develop my online business to be even better " said Ariesta which is one of the participants of the Yamaha Champions netpreneur in Bandung .
Competition Champion Netprenuer collaboration with online business tools iPaymu , and . There, the participants can be businesses that sell products. The event takes place from March to September 2014, with a total prize of Rp 50 million . Yamaha is expected to inspire the birth of new netpreneur and making e - commerce more robust and growing Indonesian .

The event was filled by pikukuh Tutuko as CEO iPaymu which gives a general view of Indonesian e -commerce ; Bramantya Farid ( Founder ) introduces a wide range of tools that can provide a significant impact on sales conversions are and and last speaker was Ilham Taufiq ( Socmed SEO Specialist ) were discussed on how to work and .

" We want to provide support for young children to create their own employment (entrepreneurship ) , especially young graduates are productive and global perspective . The way through the competition by providing tools Netprenuer in digital media that can be used to advance their business , " said Eko Prabowo , GM Promotion & Community Development Yamaha Indonesia .

As a well established company that is growing rapidly , Yamaha has a myriad of science that has been proven to promote his business . This two-wheeler automobile manufacturer has also spawned a reliable employees who work in the company's internal .
One of the most prominent social media from Yamaha is the leader among the so lainnya.Facebook Yamaha Indonesian automotive company has the most fans and Twitter followers . In addition , gait Yamaha also often named as the best in Social Media Award . And its products are often so Trending Topic World and Indonesia .

How Following Netprenuer Yamaha Competition
Participants must have an account iPaymu to be able to accept online payments on and . Then go to the website and must fill out the registration form and choose the social commerce or e - commerce ecosystem that has been provided , may select one or more platforms .

If you already have a website online store itself , should integrate iPaymu iPaymu on the website so that the participants can emerge as a payment option on the website participants . From the platform has been selected , do the accounts to every platform . And confirm your account in / confirmation . (see also: pakan burung kenari)

Terms assessment is based on the continuity of the transaction rather than the amount of the transaction . Items that can be traded digital products as well as goods and must not contain pornographic , porn action , gambling and SARA .


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