Sunday, April 27, 2014

28-4-1945 : Tragic End of Dictator Mussolini

In the past 69 years , Benito Mussolini and several followers of fascist shot by Italian partisans . Italian dictator 's execution to be one important stage for the final phase of the Second World War in Europe .

According to , Mussolini and his girlfriend , Clara Pettaci , as well as a number of successful followers partisan fighters ambushed when they will run away from Italy . After being shot to death , their bodies were paraded in public in the Piazzale Loreto , Milan City .
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Founded the National Fascist Party , Mussolini ruled Italy from 1922 until the removal from power in 1943 . During the reign , Mussolini's Fascist regime implemented a policy of nationalism , expansionism , antisosialisme , and launched a vigorous propaganda and censorship of the things that are considered subversive .
Mussolini's execution of a blow to the Nazis in Germany . Known as " Il Duce " ( the leader ) , the Italian dictator who died at age 61 years was the main ally of Adolf Hitler , who started the war defeat by the Allied invasion and the Soviet Union to Germany in early 1945 .

During the Second World War , Nazi Germany's coalition with the leadership of Mussolini's fascist regime known as the Axis camp , which is rampant in Europe to North Africa . However , since winning the war in North Africa , Allied forces led da UK managed to get into the Italian peninsula and directly pushed into the spaghetti State .

On the other hand , Mussolini's fascist regime was also met with resistance from leftist partisans . They want to prosecute war criminals Mussolini . Thus , there is no choice other than to Mussolini and his followers fled from Italy .

However , on the way to the Swiss border , they know that the border guards had defected to the partisans . Mussolini then tried to disguise as a German military officer who would cross into Austria .

Efforts Mussolini and his followers were not successful . Capture and direct partisans shot them dead on the spot. With trucks , the bodies of Mussolini and his followers were taken to Milan and hung upside down to be displayed to the public .


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