Friday, April 11, 2014

Because Disadvantaged, Tasmania Will Apply 12 Year Basic Education

Tasmania has been left behind in education compared to other states in Australia . Now , local government will initiate the first step to implement the 12 -year basic education .

12 -year basic education is an education system that requires students complete their education up to grade 12 or equivalent with a grade 3 high school . During this time in Tasmania , this is only a basic education up to grade 11 or grade 2 high school .

Tasmanian Education Minister Jeremy Rockliff this week asked all 28 state high schools to take part of this program .

It is estimated , the addition of this class of 12 would cost 45.5 million dollars (USD 455 billion ) in the next four years.
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Rockliff explained , the four high school classes will begin applying the 12 early next year .
Tasmanian Government , he said , has allocated $ 6 million for the addition of five classrooms and recruit new teachers for the fourth MSMU .
Currently in Tasmania , only 67 per cent of Grade 10 students who went to Grade 11 .

Kathy Davis of the Association of Principals welcomed the addition of the 12 classes . " Students who complete Year 12 have the option of a better future , " he said recently .


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