Tuesday, April 1, 2014

IPhone Screen 6 Starts Production in may?

According to a report Apple's supply chain sources say that the iPhone 6 screen has a diagonal of 4.7 inches which will go into mass production began in May 2014.

Reporting from phonearena , it is quite reasonable . Given some companies screen suppliers in Japan , namely LG Display and Sharp will begin production assembly lines for the iPhone 6 screen from each factory . (see also: situs download game android)

Since the iPhone 5 , Apple has used cell slim touchscreen technology , which enables the company to make the iPhone screen is thinner , with a much better level of responsibility . The problem with using the cell production process with a larger display screen , supposedly forcing Apple to switch to film censorship .

Previously many people are predicting that Apple will establish partnerships with other companies in Japan , such as the Panasonic . But from the reports of the local Japanese newspaper , Nikkei , reported that Apple have reached an agreement of cooperation relationships in the production of the iPhone 6 screen with LG Display and Sharp . And soon the screen production process began in May 2014.
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But so far the Sharp , LG Display and Apple did not specify how much the iPhone 6 screen quota is pegged Apple at the beginning of production .


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