Wednesday, May 28, 2014

MS Kaban Denies Request Anggoro Feed them Elevator Tower Propagation

Former Minister of Forestry MS Kaban denies ever requesting two units of propaganda tower elevator to the Crescent Star Party (PBB ) to the owner of PT Masaro Radiokom , Anggoro Widjojo . It was delivered to the defendant while testifying Kaban Anggoro at the Corruption Court , Jakarta , Wednesday ( 28/05/2014 ) .

" No," said Kaban short when prosecutors asked Riyono .
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Kaban, who is Chairman of the United Nations admits not many know the origin of the elevator in the tower propaganda . He also claimed not to know whether Anggoro ever come UN propaganda tower . The propaganda tower is one of the central activities of the United Nations or its supporting organizations .

"Whether the defendant ( Anggoro ) never accounted for the lift ? " Riyono prosecutor asked .

" Do not know , " said Kaban .

Meanwhile , the indictment Anggoro , Kaban called asking for lifts to be installed in the tower UN propaganda . Angggoro finally bought two units of elevators with a capacity of 800 kilograms of PT Sarana Multi Pillar Main on March 28, 2008 . Anggoro also spend money to finance the installation of the lift . Money spent Anggoro , ie two units lift for 58.581 thousand U.S. dollars , the cost of installation of USD 40 million , and civilian procurement to installation of the lift Rp 160.653 million .

Previously , Anggoro Widjodjo charged with bribing MS Kaban , Minister of Forestry , Ministry of Forestry officials , and some MPs. The money was given related to the provision of advice or endorsement ceiling draft program budget section 69 of the National Movement for Forest and Land Rehabilitation Ministry of Forestry in 2007 .

Capping Draft Programme Budget Division of the National Movement for Forest and Land Rehabilitation was filed by the Ministry of Forestry Rp 4.2 trillion . Integrated Radio Communication System Project ( Survey) worth Rp 180 billion included in the draft budget itu.Dalam indictment , MS Kaban finally set PT Masaro Radiokom as the winner of the 2007 Household Health Survey project .


Monday, May 26, 2014

Fear Flooding? Build Houses Modern Stage ...

Who says the modern stage can not perform ? Ben Adam Architects deny that through the work of a dwelling on the banks of the River Thames , Weybridge , England .

Residential named " Chiquet Flood House " has a height of 2.3 meters above ground level . When the water overflows the River Thames , there is ample space to indirect water flooded the house .

Protoripe this house replaces a previous building that had stood on the site . By Ben Adams Architects provide an environment and a better way of life for its residents . Because, in addition to anticipate flood due to rising river levels at any time this house was " swamped " sunshine fresh .
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Large door located in the southern part , or the part facing the river . In the same section there is also a very large windows , and stairs to the ground level . The existence of space between the stairs and the entrance porch , leaving little in front of the house . When the flood though , homeowners can still relax on the terrace .

In addition , as already mentioned, the interior of this house was " swamped " by the sun . Aside from the large window in the front of the house , the sun was also coming from skylights or roof windows . In daylight , the homeowner does not have to turn on the lights . The sun was bright with paint over white walls throughout the room .

In contrast to the interior of the house , the exterior has two different coatings . Part facing the river is closed by wood . Meanwhile , the part facing the road are painted using white color . Both became slick blend .

No appearance , no quality , of no value anyway . The project which was completed in 2011 and was built with a budget of 400,000 pounds , or about USD 7.8 billion .


Friday, May 23, 2014

There Fatigue Crew, 14 Passengers Up to Lion Air Plane Denied

Fourteen passengers Lion Air Palangkaraya - Jakarta route were left to fly by the flight crew . Flight number JT 671 with a passenger capacity of two hundred and fifteen people were refused fourteen other passengers were already boarding .

One of the passengers , Indri said , he and other passengers were already boarding the plane and then one of the flight attendants asked for a plane door closed . At that time , he and thirteen other passengers did not receive an explanation from the crew and asked to return to the waiting room .
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" That crew shouted close , then we go down and come back into the room . The friend said that in many aircraft crew Lion come and sit in the back , they should wait , we're really harmed consumers , " said Indri .

Meanwhile , Lion Air Palangkaraya Area Manager , General , argued it was forced to back down fourteen passengers . According to the Court , it was forced to act because the crew on duty at the Palangkaraya - Jakarta flight scheduled to fly on Saturday ( 05/24/2014 ) at 07.00 am tired of having to charge it the night before .

The entire crew , including the pilot JT 671 previously also served on Friday ( 05/23/2014 ) night on the flight from Jakarta to Palangkaraya at 21:00 pm . The flight was experiencing weather problems that failed to land in Palangkaraya and diverted to Surabaya .

" The crew was tired , because they also last night duties are diverted to Surabaya so it should be returned to Jakarta ," said Agung .

Fourteen passengers were left behind are now forced to wait for the next flight scheduled at 14:00 am.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

KPK Announces Immediate Determination Suryadharma Ali as Suspects

Corruption Eradication Commission immediately announced the official establishment of the Minister of Religious Affairs Suryadharma Ali as a suspect . KPK deputy chairman Busyro Muqoddas justify Suryadharma as suspects relating to the organization of Hajj in the Ministry of Religious Affairs .

" JBSP ( KPK spokesman Johan Budi ) will soon be announced , " said KPK deputy chairman Bambang Widjojanto through short messages .

The rest , about Suryadharma determination as the suspect , Bambang still reluctant to comment .
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Previously , Busyro justify the Commission has increased the project investigation pilgrimage to the investigation stage .

" It rose investigation by the SDA ( Suryadharma Ali ) et al as a suspect , " said Busyro through short messages .

KPK to investigate the implementation of goods and services associated with the implementation of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Hajj in 2012-2013 . Investigations performed Hajj Commission project focuses on three things . First , the cost of organizing the Hajj ( BPIH ) . Secondly , the procurement of goods and related services Haj accommodation . Third , the Hajj facilities granted to certain parties and not in accordance with the provisions .

Previously , KPK chairman Abraham Samad said that the suspects linked to the Commission immediately set a procurement project in the administration of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Hajj in the fiscal year 2012-2013 .

According to Abraham , " candidate " suspect this is one of the leaders in Indonesia . Hajj project related inquiry , the Commission has requested information Suryadharma . After questioning the Commission , Suryadharma admitted asked about the organization of the Hajj , especially the catering and lodging Hajj deemed inappropriate .

United Development Party politician also claimed that House members were asked about the " play " in the business of Hajj . In addition , Suryadharma claiming benefits or funds from deposit interest during this pilgrimage has been managed to improve the quality of service of the pilgrims. He denied there were certain parties who take advantage of interest payments or benefits of the pilgrimage .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Luhut Panjaitan: Decisive not Throw It must Eyes Glared and "Mobile"

Advisory Council of the Golkar Party deputy Luhut Binsar Panjaitan pleaded not support the presidential candidate Prabowo as very well aware of how the figure of Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Gerindra when a career in the military .

" Knowing Prabowo , so I support Jokowi . Pak Prabowo We knew , so knew a lot . He had been a vice I , much less five or six years . So I know A to Z about him , " said Luhut in Kuningan , Jakarta , on Tuesday ( 05.20.2014 ) , as quoted .
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Luhut would not say in detail , such as what makes a figure not support Prabowo . Only , when mentioned about the firmness , Luhut said emphatically agree with the leader .

" Firmly it does not necessarily bulging eyes and throw - throw phone , " said Luhut .

When asked if he meant the figure was Prabowo , Luhut replied , " You do not pretend stupid . "

Luhut Panjaitan and Prabowo had worked in the same unit . Prabowo had been a vice Luhut in Detachment 81 anti-terror in 1983 . Luhut When the rank of major , while Prabowo was still a captain .

Luhut still choose to support Joko Widodo, who was accompanied by senior politicians Golkar Party Jusuf Kalla . Attitude is different with the decision of the Chairman of Golkar Party Bakrie supporting Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa . Despite having opposed political options , Luhut admitted remain in the Golkar Party . He said he did not fear removed from Golkar as the choice .


Monday, May 19, 2014

Rain, Go Home Access Rhoma Irama Flood

Patchy rain which flushed Jakarta area making some streets flooded . No exception , the road to Rhoma Irama residence in Jalan Pondok Jaya , Mampang , South Jakarta , Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) .

Observation , water flooded neighborhood Rhoma residence located in the Jalan Pondok Jaya . High water varied between knee to ankle adults .

As a result , not a two-wheeler riders who actually carry out the attack on the way through . However , not so for four-wheeled vehicles . They keep pushing the pace vehicle penetrated the flood .
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Meanwhile , a number of two-wheeled little desperate not to break through the strike . By necessity, the two-wheeler riders down and eventually lead them out of the water vehicle .

Not only in the area around the residence of the house Rhoma Irama , flooding also hit areas Jalan Bangka , Mampang , South Jakarta . Flooding in the area is also an adult knee .

A number of vehicles that initially were heading from Jalan Kemang Tendean captain was forced to carry out the attack . Because the number of residents close access to the road to avoid striking the vehicle .


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Death driver Alphard Undergo Urine Tests

Sidoarjo district police continue to conduct the examination to death Corolla driver , Agus Winano ( 46 ) . Today , villagers Kebonagung , Sukodono , Sidoarjo it menjelani series of tests , including urine tests .

Urine test is intended to detect , whether current events hit the toddler in the terminal lobby Juanda yesterday , the perpetrators under the influence of drugs or not . "Earlier we had the culprit urine test , a negative result of drugs , " said Police Kasatlantas Sidoarjo , Tommy Ferdiyan AKP , confirmed on Wednesday ( 14/05/2014 ) .
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In addition to checking out the urine , the police also checked blood drivers furniture company , PT Kurnia Agung . It is for sure , if he has a disease such as cholesterol confession yesterday . " It tested his blood , now still waiting for the results , " added Tommy .

In addition to checking Agus Winarno , Sidoarjo Police also investigated two security guards PT Angkasapura I know Juanda as witnesses detailed chronology of events of the accident yesterday .

As reported , a black Toyota Corolla with license plate number S 1771 NG driven by Agus " wandering " entered the lobby floor T2 Juanda International Airport , killing Mohammed Rafi ( 3 ) and injuring his mother , Mina ( 20 ) Ten East Village residents , District of Ketapang , Sampang , Madura .

Rafi died with severe head injuries . While his mother , Mina wounded in the leg , the car was also injured Taufik , Rafi 's father , grandmother Sunimah Rafi , and Suhani , the victim's brother .


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Earlier this week the JCI Projections

Composite Stock Price Index will be tested strength in early trading this week , Monday ( 05/05/2014 ) . Index wait sentiment is projected to move varied Asian regional market movements .

U.S. stocks closed lower on Friday ( 03/05/2014 ) last week with the Dow Jones index fell 45.98 points, or 0.28 percent ; S & P 500 down 0.13 percent and the Nasdaq fell 0.09 percent .
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Attenuation index triggered by investor concerns over tensions in Ukraine where Russia call for emergency help to the UN Security Dwan against the Ukrainian army operations .

This news is according to research Indovest Universe closing sentiment of good U.S. jobs data where there is an additional workforce of 288,000 higher than expected 210,000 and the unemployment rate fell to 6.3 percent , better than expected 6.6 per cent . Shares of Merck , Johnson and Johnson , and Pfizer led the attenuation index .

European stocks closed lower majority also affected by the crisis situation in Ukraine . FTSE index rose 0.20 per cent , CAC and DAX down 0.65 percent down 0.49 percent . Stock Indonesia today is expected to move varied with a tendency to weaken limited due to the persistence of negative sentiment from the Ukraine . EIDO index fell 0.36 percent .

Stocks to watch out today Indovest Universe version include KIJA , TLKM , Sril , ASII and BKSL .

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Today, Sri Mulyani Century Case Testifies in Trial

Former Finance Minister who now serves as the Managing Director of the World Bank , Sri Mulyani Indrawati ( SMI ) , will testify in the trial of corruption cases granting of short -term financing facility ( FPJP ) and determination of Century Bank as a failed bank systemic impact on the Corruption Court ( Corruption) , Jakarta , Friday ( 05/02/2014 ) . He will testify for the accused former Bank Indonesia deputy governor Budi Mulya .

" The witnesses only SMI , " wrote attorney Budi , Luhut Pangaribuan , via text message , on Thursday ( 01/05/2014 ) night .
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According Luhut , Sri Mulyani has been confirmed to be present . A spokesman for the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) , Johan Budi , also said that Sri Mulyani confirmed present in a session scheduled at 08.30 pm the .

" According dirtut ( director of prosecution ) , is present , " says Johan .

Earlier, public prosecutor KMS Roni Commission said it had sent a letter calling for Sri Mulyani through the Embassy in Washington DC , United States , and through the World Bank . Then , Sri Mulyani expressed willingness to attend on May 2, 2014 by e - mail or electronic mail , Sunday ( 04/27/2014 ) .

In addition , prosecutors Commission also has called Vice President Boediono on May 5, 2014 . However , Boediono states could be present on May 9, 2014 .

In this case , Boediono will be questioned as Governor of Bank Indonesia . Budi indictment , Sri Mulyani relating to the determination of Century Bank as a failed bank , causing a systemic effect disbursement for capital while ( PMS ) , otherwise known by the bailout , amounting to Rp 6,762 trillion .

On 21 November 2008 , at 04:30 pm , Sri Mulyani as Chairman of the Financial System Stability Committee ( KSSK ) when it held a meeting with Boediono as members KSSK , Raden Pardede as KSSK Secretary , and Arief Surjowidjodjo as legal counsel . Then around 05.30 , Sri Mulyani announced that the meeting KSSK and Coordination Committee meeting has decided the establishment of Bank Century as a failed bank systemic effect . After that , the Bank Century was taken over by the Deposit Insurance Agency ( LPS ) .

Prior to that decision , the pre - KSSK meeting dated 20 November 2008 , Chairman of the Board Rudjito LPS has said that , under normal circumstances , the Bank Century should not be categorized as a failed bank systemic effect . The statement was supported by the Ministry of Finance Head of Fiscal Policy Anggito Abhimanyu , who said that the analysis of systemic risk given the BI yet supported and scalable enough data to declare that the Bank Century pose systemic risk .

In addition , the Director General (DG ) Tax , Ministry of Finance Fuad Rahmany said that financially Century Bank is a small bank so it will not pose a significant risk to other banks .

Agus Martowardojo who currently serves any central bank governor has told Sri Mulyani to be careful of that decision with limited information because it will be awaited by the public . However , finally Bank Century remains declared as a failed bank systemic effect .

As in the case of alleged corruption , the state allegedly suffered losses amounting to Rp 689.394 billion related to the provision of Rp 6,762 trillion FPJP and Century Bank in determining the impact of systemic bank failure .