Thursday, May 1, 2014

Today, Sri Mulyani Century Case Testifies in Trial

Former Finance Minister who now serves as the Managing Director of the World Bank , Sri Mulyani Indrawati ( SMI ) , will testify in the trial of corruption cases granting of short -term financing facility ( FPJP ) and determination of Century Bank as a failed bank systemic impact on the Corruption Court ( Corruption) , Jakarta , Friday ( 05/02/2014 ) . He will testify for the accused former Bank Indonesia deputy governor Budi Mulya .

" The witnesses only SMI , " wrote attorney Budi , Luhut Pangaribuan , via text message , on Thursday ( 01/05/2014 ) night .
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According Luhut , Sri Mulyani has been confirmed to be present . A spokesman for the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) , Johan Budi , also said that Sri Mulyani confirmed present in a session scheduled at 08.30 pm the .

" According dirtut ( director of prosecution ) , is present , " says Johan .

Earlier, public prosecutor KMS Roni Commission said it had sent a letter calling for Sri Mulyani through the Embassy in Washington DC , United States , and through the World Bank . Then , Sri Mulyani expressed willingness to attend on May 2, 2014 by e - mail or electronic mail , Sunday ( 04/27/2014 ) .

In addition , prosecutors Commission also has called Vice President Boediono on May 5, 2014 . However , Boediono states could be present on May 9, 2014 .

In this case , Boediono will be questioned as Governor of Bank Indonesia . Budi indictment , Sri Mulyani relating to the determination of Century Bank as a failed bank , causing a systemic effect disbursement for capital while ( PMS ) , otherwise known by the bailout , amounting to Rp 6,762 trillion .

On 21 November 2008 , at 04:30 pm , Sri Mulyani as Chairman of the Financial System Stability Committee ( KSSK ) when it held a meeting with Boediono as members KSSK , Raden Pardede as KSSK Secretary , and Arief Surjowidjodjo as legal counsel . Then around 05.30 , Sri Mulyani announced that the meeting KSSK and Coordination Committee meeting has decided the establishment of Bank Century as a failed bank systemic effect . After that , the Bank Century was taken over by the Deposit Insurance Agency ( LPS ) .

Prior to that decision , the pre - KSSK meeting dated 20 November 2008 , Chairman of the Board Rudjito LPS has said that , under normal circumstances , the Bank Century should not be categorized as a failed bank systemic effect . The statement was supported by the Ministry of Finance Head of Fiscal Policy Anggito Abhimanyu , who said that the analysis of systemic risk given the BI yet supported and scalable enough data to declare that the Bank Century pose systemic risk .

In addition , the Director General (DG ) Tax , Ministry of Finance Fuad Rahmany said that financially Century Bank is a small bank so it will not pose a significant risk to other banks .

Agus Martowardojo who currently serves any central bank governor has told Sri Mulyani to be careful of that decision with limited information because it will be awaited by the public . However , finally Bank Century remains declared as a failed bank systemic effect .

As in the case of alleged corruption , the state allegedly suffered losses amounting to Rp 689.394 billion related to the provision of Rp 6,762 trillion FPJP and Century Bank in determining the impact of systemic bank failure .


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