Monday, May 19, 2014

Rain, Go Home Access Rhoma Irama Flood

Patchy rain which flushed Jakarta area making some streets flooded . No exception , the road to Rhoma Irama residence in Jalan Pondok Jaya , Mampang , South Jakarta , Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) .

Observation , water flooded neighborhood Rhoma residence located in the Jalan Pondok Jaya . High water varied between knee to ankle adults .

As a result , not a two-wheeler riders who actually carry out the attack on the way through . However , not so for four-wheeled vehicles . They keep pushing the pace vehicle penetrated the flood .
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Meanwhile , a number of two-wheeled little desperate not to break through the strike . By necessity, the two-wheeler riders down and eventually lead them out of the water vehicle .

Not only in the area around the residence of the house Rhoma Irama , flooding also hit areas Jalan Bangka , Mampang , South Jakarta . Flooding in the area is also an adult knee .

A number of vehicles that initially were heading from Jalan Kemang Tendean captain was forced to carry out the attack . Because the number of residents close access to the road to avoid striking the vehicle .


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