Friday, May 23, 2014

There Fatigue Crew, 14 Passengers Up to Lion Air Plane Denied

Fourteen passengers Lion Air Palangkaraya - Jakarta route were left to fly by the flight crew . Flight number JT 671 with a passenger capacity of two hundred and fifteen people were refused fourteen other passengers were already boarding .

One of the passengers , Indri said , he and other passengers were already boarding the plane and then one of the flight attendants asked for a plane door closed . At that time , he and thirteen other passengers did not receive an explanation from the crew and asked to return to the waiting room .
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" That crew shouted close , then we go down and come back into the room . The friend said that in many aircraft crew Lion come and sit in the back , they should wait , we're really harmed consumers , " said Indri .

Meanwhile , Lion Air Palangkaraya Area Manager , General , argued it was forced to back down fourteen passengers . According to the Court , it was forced to act because the crew on duty at the Palangkaraya - Jakarta flight scheduled to fly on Saturday ( 05/24/2014 ) at 07.00 am tired of having to charge it the night before .

The entire crew , including the pilot JT 671 previously also served on Friday ( 05/23/2014 ) night on the flight from Jakarta to Palangkaraya at 21:00 pm . The flight was experiencing weather problems that failed to land in Palangkaraya and diverted to Surabaya .

" The crew was tired , because they also last night duties are diverted to Surabaya so it should be returned to Jakarta ," said Agung .

Fourteen passengers were left behind are now forced to wait for the next flight scheduled at 14:00 am.


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