Monday, May 26, 2014

Fear Flooding? Build Houses Modern Stage ...

Who says the modern stage can not perform ? Ben Adam Architects deny that through the work of a dwelling on the banks of the River Thames , Weybridge , England .

Residential named " Chiquet Flood House " has a height of 2.3 meters above ground level . When the water overflows the River Thames , there is ample space to indirect water flooded the house .

Protoripe this house replaces a previous building that had stood on the site . By Ben Adams Architects provide an environment and a better way of life for its residents . Because, in addition to anticipate flood due to rising river levels at any time this house was " swamped " sunshine fresh .
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Large door located in the southern part , or the part facing the river . In the same section there is also a very large windows , and stairs to the ground level . The existence of space between the stairs and the entrance porch , leaving little in front of the house . When the flood though , homeowners can still relax on the terrace .

In addition , as already mentioned, the interior of this house was " swamped " by the sun . Aside from the large window in the front of the house , the sun was also coming from skylights or roof windows . In daylight , the homeowner does not have to turn on the lights . The sun was bright with paint over white walls throughout the room .

In contrast to the interior of the house , the exterior has two different coatings . Part facing the river is closed by wood . Meanwhile , the part facing the road are painted using white color . Both became slick blend .

No appearance , no quality , of no value anyway . The project which was completed in 2011 and was built with a budget of 400,000 pounds , or about USD 7.8 billion .


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