Wednesday, March 5, 2014

30,000 Year-Old Virus Can Live Longer

A team of researchers found that the virus had been buried 30 thousand years ago . This virus can live even longer .
According to BBC news station , named pithovirus sibericum , the virus was found buried in a layer of frozen permafost . That layer of soil that is freezing in Siberia to a depth of 30 meters .
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Professor Jean - Michel Claverie , researchers of the National Science Research Center ( CNRS ) University of Aix - Marseille , France , said that this virus is a virus giant category because measuring 1.5 mikromete and can be seen outside the microscope . " This is the first time we've seen a virus infection who have expertise in a long time , " says Claverie amazed .

In their study , the researchers tested the virus to attack the amoeba . Fortunately the virus is not contagious to humans or animals .

In line with Claverie , co- author of the study and researcher CNRS , Dr. Chantal Abergel , said it appeared the ancient virus into the cell then develops before eventually kills the cell . " The virus is able to kill the amoeba , but it will not infect human cells , " he said .

The study has been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences ( PNAS ) . Although not harmful to humans or animals , researchers worry about the possibility of other viruses in the permafrost layer .

For the middle researchers studied the DNA sequences that are present in the layer. " It will be the best way to find out whether this layer is dangerous, " says Abergel .
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Concerns researchers reasoned , because the Siberian region is threatened by climate change . Since the 1970s the growing layer continues to thin . Claverie remind reveal layers that can be opened in a new viral threat .


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